'Lovejoy' Filmed in Kettlebaston

lovejoy&charlotte2_465pxKettlebaston played host to the Lovejoy TV programme when the episode 'Never Judge a Book By Its Cover' was filmed in the village (first broadcast on 21.11.1993 - series 5, episode 12). The story line revolved around two aging spinster sisters who needed money to stay in their home. The only thing of real value is a historic 16th Century Marston Bible, the first Bible translated into English. Unfortunately it is jointly owned by their younger brother, a Cambridge professor (played by Richard Briers) who plans to donate it to the University library upon his promotion to Master. Beth (Diane Parish) and Tinker (Dudley Sutton) are seen posting a flyer through the door at Treakles then walking across the road in a panning shot (showing Bramble & Chestnut Cottages) to the sisters home, where Beth enters through a gate in the picket fence and passes through the archway to the covered side porch at The Old Convent. It is the delivery of their flyer that prompts the initial contact with Lovejoy, which sets the main plot in motion.

Although not actually filmed in Kettlebaston (or at least he wasn't screened in the final cut), Ian McShane visited the set and was photographed in TOC's garden with some of the local children. (see here)

The programme regularly featured our neighbouring villages and was largely based in Preston St Mary from series five when Charlotte Cavendish (played by Caroline Langrishe - the 'son' in Cavendish & Son) returned to run her father's auction rooms, which were supposedly located at a barn at Priory Farm. Her 'home' was also located within the village - as was the cottage in Rookwood Lane where she was held hostage in "Day of Reckoning" (s6 ep2)!

Other very nearby locations involved in the filming were Whelp Street in Preston St Mary, Milden Hall, Brent Eleigh Hall, Kersey and multiple screen appearances for Lavenham (which has also featured in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, among many others).

Further information on the Lovejoy series is available through IMDB, and an interesting 'Remembering Lovejoy' piece from the EADT can be viewed here.

A superb map showing all the filming locations is also available by clicking here.



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